Channel Letter Signs New York

Professional Channel Letters

Channel letters have become increasingly popular and represent one of the fastest growing forms of signage and brand recognition. Channel letters are custom made, internally illuminated or backlit, three-dimensional letters which are strikingly visible at all times of day or night.  They are commonly referred to as “LED signs” or “neon signs”.  Customers find channel letters to be especially useful during winter months when business hours extend after dark. The visibility of channel letters means they are used almost exclusively on many public and commercial buildings, including retailers, restaurants, and grocery stores, and national chains. Channel letters have a large, bright, professional appearance and they are sure to make a strong impression in densely populated areas with an abundance of competitive advertising. Channel letters can be customized in various sizes, colors, and fonts to fit your brand identity.  Our design experts will incorporate your ideas and will assist you in decision-making around the customization of your message. New York City Signs is capable of manufacturing and installing all types of channel letter signs to attract customers to your place of business. Let us help you create a successful, customized channel letter project today.

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