Awning Shapes & Colors

What shapes do awnings come in?

Awnings are available in seven different shapes.

  1. Standard
  2. Standard w/ Valance
  3. Standard w/ Arch
  4. Box
  5. Bullnose
  6. Dome
  7. Circular
  8. Stationary
  9. Gable
  10. Half Round
  11. Quarter Round
  12. Waterfall

In addition to the shape of the awning, for stationary and retractable awning styles you may choose the shape of your valance.  A valance is an overhanging material at the front of the awning which adds extra shade to your space. Valances can come in a straight edge or scalloped edge with various shapes to the scallop including square, triangle, curved, and some more ornate patterns.  Please refer to the photos below for awning and valance shape references.

schematic of awning shapes and valance shapes

What colors do awnings come in?

Awnings are available in a wide variety of colors.  Please note colors on the screen will vary from the actual color of the fabric.  Fabric swatches may be available upon request.

color chart for awning colors

Click here for more color options.

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